We have been an innovator in managing the Microsoft Infrastructure stack for nearly 10 years.  Our deep history in the Enterprise with exceptional level of detail and automation on the Windows Platform has provided us a framework of software, tools, and IP that provided us the ability to launch a complete Platform Suite for managing WaaS to meet the market demands today addressing nearly all the gaps required to automate the life-cycle reducing errors, labor hours, and complexity.

The Product and Services evolution started in 2010 to assist with Windows 7 Fleet migrations and automation using custom technology integrated with System Center Configuration Manager, Operations Manager, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and Desktop Optimization Pack.  The included commercial product releases for System Center Webtop  and multiple portals For Desktop Manager.   Over the years purpose-built technology was constructed into a suite to address all requirements for automating and streamlining both the technical gaps but more importantly the complex process and life-cycle necessary to truly gains large scales of efficiencies for highly repeatable automated processes reduces labor 10x when it comes to managing large fleets of computers that require hours of attention for each update.

The products have been used in both various projects and engagements including professional services, standalone commercial application software, and managed services to provide a customized approach for each organization’s Desktop Management.  With the release of WaaS and the twice per year release schedule the only way to keep up with deploying thousands continuously every year is through automation.  Every step of both the process from the Technical and End User perspective needs to be well planned, managed and orchestrated in a fashion that is highly repeatable and eliminates human errors.