Our Solutions

Compliance & Compatbility

Comprehensive analytics, reporting, and dashboards to properly plan your WaaS Compliance & Compatibility. Predictive analysis to forecast your Windows 10 Client Upgrades are well-managed in compliance and compatible.

Testing & Readiness

Comprehensive testing framework to ensure a proper life-cycle is implemented to make the user experience consistent for each WaaS release.

Scheduling & Deployment

Automated & repeatable scheduling/communications process to ensure consistent WaaS deployment patterns across the Enterprise.

Flexible Delivery Options

As A Service

Complete one-stop turnkey WaaS Management without the headaches providing software and services.

Software As A Service

Software As-A-Service provided to bolster your existing Windows 10 Management needs and team.


Leverage your existing partners to assist in managing your Windows 10 environment with WaaS Manager.


We offer a complete turnkey solution for managing Windows As A Service (WaaS)!

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